emplawOur advisers will give you bespoke practical advice and support on all human resources and employment law issues from recruitment to termination.

Our annual fixed fee service includes:

Human resources review conducted at your place of business

  • Comprehensive written report giving advice and recommendations.

Updating standard terms and conditions of employment

  • Review of current documenation and recommendations for updating or implementing.

Policies and procedures

  • Review of existing policies and procedures and provision of model documentation.

Updating or developing company handbooks

  • A bespoke handbook can be provided and advice on how to introduce into the workplace.


Industrial/employee relations advice

  • Practical advice relating to your employees in your business.

Preparation of employment tribunal documentation

  • Assistance and advice in collecting evidence needed for an employment tribunal hearing.

Newsletter with latest employment law updates

  • Keeping you up to date with the changes in employment law and how it will affect your business.